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What Customers Say About Our Products:


"As a 47-year-old woman my dermatologist recently asked what skin products I use because he thought I looked so youthful. I've used nothing but Second Nature for a few years now. I am especially addicted to the Cranberry Nectar. I was starting to develop fine lines on my neck but after using the Nectar the lines vanished! The redness in my face has also gone away. I am no longer intrigued by the products advertised in beauty magazines. Second Nature is less expensive, effective and best of all - natural."

Lisa, Chicago, Ill.


Lavender and Oats cleanser

“I’ve used Lavender and Oats cleanser for years and this product is by FAR the best ever. I will never use any other cleanser. 

Tammy Hostetler, Jacksonville.


Dead Sea Minerals Mud Mask

“This is NOT a typical mud mask. It’s more like an exotic spa experience. I was pleasantly surprised by the rich quality of the mud and minerals. I also enjoyed the texture, which worked as gentle exfoliation. Very special product!”

Joni Roberts,  Jacksonville, Fl 


"I had a couple red spots the night I used the Dead Sea Minerals Mud Mask. The next day they were much, much lighter and gone by the following morning. Wow! The Prime Time Eye Serum feels wonderful on my face. I can see the difference it has made in just a couple of uses. I am hooked!”

Mariah Cafe, Jacksonville Beach, Fl


Saving Face cream

“This morning when I got to see the results on my whole face I got very emotional. I have been looking for a moisturizing cream for a very long time but because I have rosacea and psoriasis my search for a good product has been very difficult. I can’t express how thankful I am and I’m looking forward to using all of products!! Thank you so very much for your time and your great line.”

Wanda Johnston, of Fleming Island, Fl


“I was introduced to Second Nature Skin Care through the appropriately named Saving Face Cream.  On the morning I was to give a talk to a local club membership, I looked in the mirror and literally saw red! My face was sunburn red with rosacea. I spent weeks going to dermatologists, but all the medications seemed to make the condition worse. It didn’t improve until a friend told me about the carefully researched, natural and organic ingredients in Second Nature Skin care products. Saving Face Cream and other products in this line are now part of my daily skin care routine. And what’s truly amazing is that they deliver results that rival expensive department store products at reasonable prices. Am I happy with the results?  You betcha.” 

Ruth Coe Chambers, Jacksonville, Fl


“If you have started to notice fine lines and wrinkles you will greatly appreciate Saving Face Cream. This is truly Botox in a bottle. It cost much less as well. I noticed the difference within three days. I was so excited that I wanted to keep the secret to myself , but how fair would that be!!  Try it , and I am sure you will join me in the excitement of this great product.”

Anna Gray, Jacksonville, Fl


Angel Cake Body Souffle

“I love your products and have used them faithfully.  I bought the Angel Cake Body Souffle and adored it, too. I had a ‘spot’ on my upper chest that just was red, irritated and hadn’t been healing. So I put the Angel Souffle on it and it went away in less than a week! I was so impressed that I took a chance on a spot on my nose that the dermatologist has ‘frozen’ and declared pre-cancerous. It’s been there a long time.  This spot has almost gone in less than a month. This is one miraculous product!  I will be buying more. Thanks for making such wonderful products.

Carol Campbell, Ponte Vedra Beach


Sun Patrol Sunscreen

“I wore the sunscreen and it stayed on all day, even after jumping in the river twice, and my skin felt GOOD. Thank you so much for the fine product.”

Dr. Tina Babiak, Englewood, Fl

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this product. It’s wonderful.”

Denise Corbitt-Coppola, of Naples, Fl

“This is the best sunscreen since sliced bread. It totally feels so good.”

Amy Broudy, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

“I purchased your Sun Patrol sunscreen for my long bike ride on the Baldwin Trail on a hot-hot Saturday.  I have to tell you, it did not come off until I took it off a few hours later with soap and a washcloth.  I even biked through a short downpour. I look forward to purchasing more of your products to replace what I’m currently using.”

Heather, of Fleming Island

“A day at the beach and NO sunburn! Thanks to Second Nature and its great product. All natural ingredients.”

Florence Haridan, Jacksonville, Fl


Coco Mojo face lotion

“Do you remember me telling you about my ‘chemical face burn’? Well, after experiencing your Coco Mojo on my face, not only did it heal my burn, my skin looks amazing! You’re products are the ONLY ones I will use. Thank you!”

Jackie Diosomito, Jacksonville, Fl


Cranberry Nectar

“I’ve been tanning for years and this Cranberry Nectar has really improved my complexion, especially my dark spots and around my eyes. My skin feels so awesome since I’ve been using your products.”

Tammy Hostetler, a massage therapist in Jacksonville, Fl

“You have such fine products. I swear the rosacea has already responded to the Cranberry Nectar I dabbed on there.  I am one skin color again this morning and it isn’t red!”

Ruth Coe Chambers, Jacksonville, Fl

“I absolutely love the product. I had dry patches on my face that have completely disappeared since using the Cranberry Nectar. Love it!”

Anne Urban, Jacksonville, Fl